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Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia (Tasogare Otome × Amunejia) – What A Maiden!

The Haphazard

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia - Screen Cap #5

For those of you following me on twitter, well you’d know nothing, considering I didn’t tweet about this particular anime. Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia (Tasogare Otome × Amunejia) was a better anime than I expected. It was filled with a lot of heartbreak, weird angles, and most importantly, tons of horrifying moments, despite the anime being mostly funny and romantic. Indeed what a maiden was this anime.

The anime is about a high school student, Teiichi Niiya, who while exploring, discovers a girl by the name Yuuko Kanoe who reveals herself to be a ghost. The entire anime (twelve episodes) revolves around Teiichi attempting to find out more about Yuuko’s past and why she remains on earth, oh and Yuuko has Amnesia and forgets a lot of stuff all the time.

The anime itself, is quite well done, the original manga was published by Square Enix and serialized by Monthly Gangan Joker

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So this is my last post and I added my video I did

I hope you enjoy the video now it’s time for a reflection into the past few most from the beginning of the semester.

Honestly when I heard that I had to do biochemistry I thought of dropping my major in biology since I really could not deal with the stress I know biochem can bring having done it at CAPE or A level. I will be honest no matter how bad it makes me look I got a grade 3 in the biochem part of my exam, I really could not understand it and it has always made me feel less about myself and my love for science since I just did not get it no matter how hard I tried then.

In secondary school it was the most stressful and demoralizing ordeal especially since my class just had to have the “brightest” student who never fail at making me feel like utter crap about the subject that I loved. Then at university at the first day of class they told us that the failure rate of the course was 50% right there and then I told myself “well summer school for it,” because I knew I was going to fail.


It really bothered me that I had to do this course even though my lecturer said don’t worry since his methods ensured a pass if I stuck to it “sure…” I though, then it was time for the first tutorial and nothing has ever made me feel worse than that day since I was not prepared at all and my lectured did the tutorials in the form of a quiz/ gameshow thingy where he would separate the class into 2 sides and ask questions but I didn’t do any work and the topic and so our side of the class ended up getting really low.

Next tutorial was on carbohydrates and I studied and attended and I ended up saving my side. Imagine that me saving my side I felt so much confidence build in me I was so happy that day I couldn’t stop talking about going up on the board and figuring out how many chiral carbons a sugar had and how many isomers can be formed and I still know it its 2n with n being the number of chiral centres.

Anyways I also saved my group for the proteins tutorial and I was so happy and I started to take this blog thing seriously and amazingly I started to understand my work a lot better and I actually enjoyed doing the assignments and lab since I got to find out soo much.

Then it was time to the topic I faired the most cellular reparation but surprisingly I understood and learnt a lot and even helped my friends it was amazing to see myself transform from a person that hated and feared biochemistry to someone who understood and loved it.

Even with doing this blog which by the way is and assignment for the biochem course I learnt to use wodle and I even learnt how to make you tube videos and use windows movie maker yeahh … and even how to use gifs and even html. What made me even prouder of myself is the amount of people viewing my blog over 400 people from all around the world literally countries i dream of going the coolest has to be Brunei, Latvia, Yemen and Bosnia i was also surprised to see soo much views from Germany, US and UK thanks you guys, thanks alot it helped me alot  to even think that my work is being shared and viewed all over the world 🙂 .


It was some such fun especially since I had to share this journey with my 2 best friends who helped my soo much and I know I helped them too … learning and even making mistakes but it was all funny.

I really enjoyed this experience and I would love to continue a blog maybe not now but later on in life. Also I really hope I do well in this course and again I’m going to be honest I am lost in all my other courses but I am defiantly sure I’m passing this one I just hope it’s with an A especially for my parent since I put them through a lot … today making my last video I spilled drain cleaner on the floor and it destroyed their hard wood floors sigh*…. But that’s all in it and I got to play scientist adding baking soda to neutralise the acid in the drain cleaner and then adding ajax with sodium bicarbonate to further neutralise the acid…. Even though I got in trouble and my dad went on bankai/kyuubi it was fun ….



And lastly i would like to thank my lecturer self proclaimed hokage i swear sir your methods are the best if it wasn’t for that then i would have been at square one lost and depressed thinking i can’t do this course thank you very much i swear you are indeed the best hokage better than tsunade, tobirama, sarutobi  even better than harashima  but not better than minato lolz just kidding … your teaching methods and videos were really great thank you soo much 🙂

Well that’s it for me you read my story, seen my post and how much I learnt, I hope you all learnt something too. Remember you just have to make up your mind to do your work and put your best foot forward, be confident have faith in God and everything will be fine, don’ t hate biochem and treat it like an obstacle have fun with it and sit down and try to understand it and trust me you will so byebye for now 🙂


Quiz time

Since we really close to the end i wanna give you a quiz based on all that we learnt so far …

1) What part of the cell is responsible for breaking down and digesting foreign material?

A) lysosomes

B) endoplasmic reticulum

C) ribosome

D) cytosol

2) The jellylike solution of the cell is called the:

A)  cytoplasm

B)   Nucleus

C)   Endoplasmic reticulum

D)  Cytosol

3) How many chiral carbons does glucose have?





4) Epimers are carbohydrates that differ in configuration around how many carbons?





5)Mannose and ………………. are epimers.

A) maltose

B) lactose

C) galactose

D) Fructose

6) Lactose contains which of the following bonds:

A)α1→4 glycosidic bond

B)β1→4 glycosidic bond

C)α1→2 glycosidic bond

D)β1→2glycosidic bond


7) Polysaccharides are mainly used for:






Answer the following using the key given below:







8)Amino acid with an aromatic R group:






9)An essential amino acid is:






10)Enzymes consist of:


Rna molecules


Fatty acids


11)Which of the following are enzymes associated with glycolysis :




Phoshoglycerate mutase


B)1,4 only

C)1,2 only



i hope you did well ….. feel free to post your scores


Can you tell if your milk was added first ?

Check out this cool video that shows and experiment into the denaturing of proteins and how big of impact it makes on the taste of some of our food

Unfortunately for me i like my tea black as well so this doesn’t affect me :/

i hope you enjoyed my page thus far 🙂


Was bored so i did a glycolysis wodle if you look at it substrates and products are in green while enzymes are in blue and energy molecules are in violet  so enjoy 😀


Pap Pap Papain….


This post is just to share a recent experiment I did but before we get to that lets just take a minute and look at this logo.


To my knowledge this logo is misleading firstly the mixture they have is not 100% pure protein as the side of the box says it contains 15mg sodium in addition to 6g of proteins but I’m not here to argue that look at the back of the box.


It says , “Indulge gelatine contains important proteins for healthier skin, hair and nails.”  This is misleading since we all know that gelatine is a hydrolysed form of the protein collagen and even though collagen does make up our skin and connective tissue we know that it is keratin that makes up our hair and nails and karetain and collagen are 2 completely different proteins.

  1. Collagen is made of 3 peptide chains which are left handed helix. These 3 helices are then coiled into a right handed coil (triple helix) forming the collagen structure. The peptide chains are predominantly made of glycine and proline and they both serve special roles within the molecule. Glycine works to stabilize since it is the smallest amino acid it fits on every third position of the chains which end up in the interior of the collogen structure or the center of the triple helix. Proline because of its cyclic structure aids in the formation of the coils in the triple helix structure of the collagen, since proline changes the direction of the chain due to is lack of maximum h bonds that can be formed.
  2. Keratin is a fibrous structural protein of hair, nails, horn, hoofs, wool, feathers, and of the epithelial cells in the outermost layers of the skin. The polypeptide chains of keratin are arranged in parallel sheets held together by hydrogen bonding.Of the amino acids in keratin, cystine may account for as much as 24 percent. The numerous disulfide bonds formed by cystine are responsible for the great stability of keratin: it is completely insoluble in hot or cold water and is not attacked by proteolytic enzymes (the enzymes that cleave protein molecules).


Gelatine is made from collagen thus according to the research it is rich in Proline and glycine both of which are non essential amino acids meaning our body makes them we do not get them from our diet….. thus the box is misleading, Further more it says that the gelatine is important for hair and nails and since we know that keratin is responsible for hair and nails and keratin is mainly made of  cystine molecules the box is again wrong. (If it was made of cystine and keratin the following experiment would not have work as stated proteolytic enzymes such as papain doesn’t work in it)

Now the video which i made based on the enzyme papain and how it works (its my first video so please feel free to give any tips)…..

Published Papers 2

I live in the Caribbean and one of the diseases that plague this region is diabetes in fact i lost and aunt to this disease in January and i know countless people including children that have this is disease and who try to control it using the tight glycemic method and i for one have certainly seen people “black out” or faint when  they introduce too much insulin and for the children i personally know….. i had no idea how dangerous this process can be to their neurological development this paper comes as light to dealing with this problem as it was found that lactate preserves neuronal metabolism and reduces the risk of damage so hopefully in the future further research can be done and proper therapy to deal with hypoglycemic effect can be developed.


Title: Lactate preserves neuronal metabolism and function following antecedent recurrent

Hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar is a condition in which the blood glucose level drops to below normal standards, this can occur naturally or as a result of insulin use in diabetic patients where tight diabetes control has failed. Tight glycemic or diabetes control is a means of keeping the blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible which involves intensive insulin therapy where insulin is introduced into the blood to keep the glucose levels as normal as possible. Although the benefits of this system to a diabetic are obvious it is plagued by frequent episodes of hypoglycaemia which occur suddenly and can be quite dangerous thus preventative strategies to minimize the effects is important.

Hypoglycaemia in children can result in brain damage as the brain is starved of glucose which is its main source of energy. It should be noted that the brain can also use beta-hydroxybutyrate and monocarboxylic acids as a source of energy if glucose levels drop. Thus, monocarboxylic acids might be protective against hypoglycaemic injury in diabetic patients especially those who experience intense hypoglycaemia.

Rats were used to conduct the experiment and were fed a pellet diet and were injected with regular insulin and allowed to undergo controlled hypoglycaemia for 3 hours for 3 days, a control of non treated rats were used and various test we conducted on each set of rats. This report showed that recurrent hypoglycaemia leads to adaptations in energy substrate metabolism that allow lactate to serve as an alternate fuel (it was not a major fuel) and to support normal neuronal function during acute hypoglycaemia by restoring glucose oxidation. (Raimund I. Herzog1 n.d.)

It was also observed that adding twice the amount of glucose to rats under hypoglycaemic conditions restored metabolic activity in the brain to levels observed at euglycemia or at normal blood glucose levels. It was also concluded that enhanced lactate is needed for maintaining glucose metabolism under hypoglycaemia since it added extra oxidative energy needed to restore normal functioning however lactate is insufficient to replace glucose although it can serve as a metabolic regulator. These findings can aid in protective methods of minimizing brain injury from hypoglycaemic patients under insulin therapy.

Title :Lactate preserves neuronal metabolism and function following antecedent recurrent hypoglycemia

Authors: Raimund I. Herzog1, Lihong Jiang2, Peter Herman2, Chen Zhao1,Basavaraju G. Sanganahalli2, Graeme F. Mason2,3, Fahmeed Hyder2,Douglas L. Rothman2, Robert S. Sherwin1 and Kevin L. Behar2,3

1Department of Internal Medicine, Section of Endocrinology,
2Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Magnetic Resonance Research Center, and
3Department of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

References:     control/tight-diabetes-control.html

Publish papers

This is just a review of a publish paper i did … it was quite interesting to see how investigating into one simple pathway and by the inhibition of one protein Mkp5 a disease that took the lives of many boys before they even had a chance to live their lives and experience the world can now be somewhat controlled.

Just so you know one famous mind had this disease and I’m sure the world of automobiles and general mechanical engineering would have been completely different had he been able to live and that person is Alfredo Ferrari son of Enzo Ferrari and inventor of the 1.5-litre V6 and more notably the 750 Monza.

Title: Improved regenerative myogenesis and muscular dystrophy in mice lacking Mkp5

Duchenne muscular dystrophy or DMD is a disease that comes about due to mutations in a protein called dystrophin which then results in degeneration of skeletal muscles. Mutations within the dystrophin are caused by an X-linked recessive gene which affects almost 1 in 3500 male births worldwide. If left untreated it can become fatal as all muscles including those of the respiratory system begin to degenerate and lose function the average life so and for such a person is 25years. (Duchenne muscular dystrophy n.d.)

Dystrophin is a protein that binds the cytoskeleton of muscle cells to the outer membrane and also to the extracellular matrix of cells adding strength and contractile flexibility to each cell. However with the disease the structure of this protein is compromised and so after continued usage it cannot function to hold muscles together and thus muscles begin to degenerate.

Muscles contain satellite cells or myosatellite cells which are tiny cells that have the ability to differentiate into specific cells and usually form skeletal muscle cells. When muscles get injured these satellite cells are activated and thus replace the old or damaged cells and the degree of deterioration in satellite cells determine how sever the DMD is. The activation and control of SC are controlled by the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway. (Patrick Seale n.d.)

This pathway was investigated with respect to regulators and inhibitors using mice with and without the active gene for DMD and DMD also with mice containing and not containing proteins MKP-5 for each situation. Tests were conducted using chemicals that damaged muscles as well as the supposed inhibitors to the MAPK and the rate of repair as well as the extent of damage was investigated along with the strength of the mice’s muscles when inflected with the disease and without.

The data then revealed that MKP-5 controlled JNK which coordinates muscle stem cell proliferation and p38 MAPK that controls differentiate this means that the protein MKP-5 is negative regulator to the MAPK pathway and of SC proliferation and differentiation. This was proven as mice without MKP-5 showed improvement in myogenesis (muscle rejuvenation) and mice with DMD or dystrophin-deficient that also lacked MKP-5 exhibited an improvement in muscle function. Thus improving the MAPK pathway enhanced satellite cell function even with DMD or without the dystrophin protein. Thus by inhibiting MPK-5 (which acts as a negative regulator to the MAPK pathway) using pharmacological methods diseases such as DMD and other degenerative diseases could be controlled and treated.


Title : Improved regenerative myogenesis and muscular dystrophy in mice lackingMkp5

Authors: Hao Shi1, Mayank Verma1, Lei Zhang1, Chen Dong2, Richard A. Flavell3 and Anton M. Bennett1,4

1Department of Pharmacology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
2Department of Immunology, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA.
3Department of Immunobiology and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and
4Program in Integrative Cell Signaling and Neurobiology of Metabolism, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.










Game time

This is a game i created it covers cells to amino acids this is what the game looks like so feel free to try .. its relatively easy as you can see :/ and its fun in helping you remember things you might have forgotten 🙂  soo take the challenge if you dare …..

click on the link below to play …

Click here for larger version

a pic of what the game looks like if you were wondering


An Amino acid word search 😀

I created this its really easy so feel free to try it , its made with simple word related to the topic…. just click on the title